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Book Review of Two Plus Half Maniacs by Vinit Patel


Genre : Young action comedy

Source: Review copyvineet

If this was not a novel, it would have been a movie that critics would have called a masala blockbuster.

It’s the story of Vansh. He gets his clothes torn, pushed into a pond and almost killed on his first day in college. A shock for someone who has had a near-perfect school life. Does this rollercoaster end? No, it doesn’t. It actually gains momentum. When he befriends what the author so lovingly calls the other two maniacs.

Then there is a girl. The heroine. This girl has issues. And just when you are getting to know her… bang… she is kidnapped. Read the book to find out the who and the why.

I pity Vansh. Every character in the book has only one job. That of causing him discomfort. He has it bad from page one. The action is so nonstop that the reviewer lost the thread many a time but, like our hero, laboured on.

Well. It all turn out super for Vansh. But you have to go thru the 243 page to find out how.

This book is written in delicious Indian English. And in its own way it tickles your funny bone. And all that with a conscience and soul.

All in all. A brave effort by debutant Vinit Patel.

Hemant Singh


Need to read…..

I need your novel. I have a target of reading eighteen this year. So help me. Send me your novel and, in return, I will write you a review.

This is free of cost so a few conditions. The novel must be published. I can read anything. Except gay love. No no I am not homophobic. I just can’t wrap my head around it. Lesbian tales welcome. What I am looking for is the use of the English language. Wordplay. Situation construct and things such.  I would love to read a new PG Wodehouse.   Or even an Enid Blyton.  I hope I am not asking for too much.

I will review only if I am able to complete reading the novel.

So if you are game send me an intro note at And let’s see how things go from there.


A thriller like never before.

dasdasWhy does a man set out to kill another man? Is it just for the money? Na, it should be more. The thrill of doing something dangerous. Doing a job you know no one else in the world can.

Well, that’s what you get in Frederick Forsyth’s The Day of the Jackal.

The novel opens with tense action scene, setting the mood for the rest of the book. The book follows two main characters. So much like the cat and the mouse. The morose detective trying his best but to produce results he will have to pull a needle from the haystack.

Then we have the Jackal itself. Cool as a cucumber. Whether it is killing a blackmailer or seducing an heiress. With every step the Jackal is moving closer to his target – the best-protected man in the world.

The novel travels across Europe. But what stands out is the beautiful countryside France. To readers who have had a dose of Paris and the Eiffel Tower. This is a welcome change.

The plot itself is simple but ingenious. It’s the execution that shows the writer’s brilliance.

And the nerve-racking climax.

Read the thriller. It has, as they always do, much more than the movie. People are not sure if this was something that really happened or is it fiction. Even after decade of it being published.